GRAND ILLUSION is proud to present to you a video message ("The Voice of Truth" by CASTING CROWNS)  in honor of ALL those that lay it on the line for us every day, the  nurses, doctors, EMTs, police officers & firemen that  give of themselves and sacrifice so much!

We hope you enjoy it and you walk away from the video with the ideal that  beyond politics, media narrative, talking heads & misinformation,  all we are left with is all that matters, we're just people...

Stay safe, love each other...


Grand Illusion The Music Of Styx Band Members from left to right Ric Stave, Jon White, Rick Allen, Brian Scranton, Mark Chimes.

“To Rick, great job, great voice! All the best.”

--Dennis DeYoung, former lead singer/keyboardist/founding member of STYX


“The most enjoyable band that I’ve seen and worked with in the last two years!”

--Joe Tall, Sound Engineer for David Lee Roth, Supertramp, Lou Gramm

“I could die tomorrow happy knowing I’ve just seen the best show I will ever see!”

--Deborah Loke, Light Tech for Hilary Duff

“I’m not even a very big fan of STYX but I absolutely love this band.”

--Mike Shearer, Rockin’ Buffalo Saloon, proprietor


“Any time, any date, my venue is theirs.”

--Bill Kowalczyk, The Evening Star Concert Hall, owner/proprietor



And then there were FIVE!

GRAND ILLUSION enthusiastically welcomes their fifth member with open arms. Say hello to MARK CHIMES, renown session artist and performing guitarist. As an accomplished musician he performs equally well on electric guitar, acoustic guitar, guitar synthesizers and classical guitar, while being very well known for his superior vocal harmony and lead vocal talents. Mark owns and operates his own music store, CHIMES MUSIC STORE & STUDIO, teaches guitar to hundreds of students in the Western New York area, and still finds time to perform live in several local award-winning bands full-time.

 The fuller, richer sounds Mark brings as a second guitar player is only rivaled by his amazing harmony voice and his ability to sing lead on several STYX hit classics, coloring GRAND ILLUSION's performance with a much broader spectrum of diverse tonality, and the other members of GRAND ILLUSION consider adding Mark to their line-up as a "bucket-list" dream come true! Read Mark's full biography here.

Grand Illusion The Music Of Styx new guitar player Mark Chimes.

Grand Illusion The Music Of Styx new guitar player Mark Chimes.


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